April 2020 – Coronavirus Update and Current Business Practices

At CJ Property, we’ve made some major changes to our working practices to protect our teams, landlords and tenants during the coronavirus outbreak.

In this April update, we outline these changes, and look at what they mean for you, our landlords and tenants.

Preparation and Working From Home

The CJ Property team has been working from home since before the lockdown announcement on March 23rd.

We took a proactive, safety-first approach to growing concerns, and were fully prepared to transition to a home working environment, with minimal disruption to our tenants or landlords.

This included moving all pre-booked essential sign ups forward to ensure that people were able to move into their new homes before the lockdown.

At the time of writing (27th April), our office is still manned during the week, with a single director of the business working from the premises to maintain essential in-person services where required.

Maintenance and Enquiries

We are taking enquiries from tenants and prospective landlords as normal – our teams are answering the phones and emails in the same manner as always, to meet our promised service levels.

Tenants and landlords can still benefit from maintenance and emergency repairs as needed. All in-person works will be carried out in a safe manner that adheres to the social distancing guidelines.

We are doing everything in our power to provide maintenance and repairs in a timely manner – and to this point, we have been able to successfully respond to requests in line with our service commitments.

Remote Viewings and Virtual Lettings

We are still letting properties out.

We are not currently offering in-person viewings of any properties to ensure that social distancing recommendations are maintained.

What we are doing instead is offering remote viewings. We have taken detailed video tours of all our vacant properties, which prospective tenants can view. Tenants then have the opportunity to follow up with a member of the team to ask any questions regarding the property.

Where tenants wish to let a property, we offer a remote service, managing all paperwork at a distance wherever possible. Physical handover of the keys is conducted in a manner designed to protect both tenants and our team members.
It has proved to be a successful model, and we have signed off on several lets since the lockdown!

Going Forward – Looking after Landlords and Tenants at CJ Property

At CJ Property, we’re resolutely committed to protecting our team, landlords and tenants, and to minimising risk in every aspect of our operations, whilst providing the best possible levels of service and value at all times.

Throughout this crisis and beyond, we will take all the steps we can to keep you and your property safe.

We will continue to adapt to meet the latest recommendations set out by the UK government, and are actively looking to integrate relevant industry best practices as the pandemic progresses.

For additional information on our COVID-19 response, or to talk to a member of our expert property management team, please call 01482 645270 today.


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