The Art of Property Management – Providing a Real Service

art of property management

For landlords in Hull, choosing the right property management partner can be the difference between success and failure.

Choose wrongly, and you’re running the risk of long void periods, poorly vetted tenants and missing out on rent – all whilst paying for the privilege!

Many lettings agents are happy to charge you a fee every month for property management, but won’t tell you exactly what they’re doing for the money. At CJ Property, we aren’t like that.

In this post, we take you behind the scenes of our agency and examine the service we offer – telling you what goes into our property management work, and how we ensure our landlords get real value from our support.

Beyond the basics

To many, property management means sticking a quick listing on Rightmove and the company website – before shoving a property board outside and waiting for the first tenant to make an enquiry.

At CJ Property, we know that good property management and lettings support goes far beyond that. It’s focused on ensuring that properties are let out quickly, to the right tenants and at the best possible price.

This starts with a proactive approach – doing your research, presenting the property in the best way possible and consistently monitoring the marketing process to ensure it delivers for clients.

Good property management is personalised, and means taking the time to showcase each property to its absolute best. In practice, that means professional photographs and individually written property descriptions, targeted at a specific demographic and designed specifically to drive maximum interest and property viewings amongst the right tenants.

Delving into the data – utilising insights

If it’s digital, it’s measurable – and today, there is so much useful data generated by online property portals.

At CJ Property, we make real use of this business intelligence as part of our property management process. On every property, we keep track of the important metrics, analysing page views and click through rates, before using this information to inform our marketing efforts.

By analysing this data, we can see what’s working and what isn’t, and tweak our marketing approach, materials and photography to make our service more effective. It also acts as a useful benchmark to see how our agency is performing against the local competition.

The results speak for themselves – over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to drive results, and are consistently gaining local market share and increasing page views.

Local expertise – central

Whether you’re letting out a property or looking to purchase a new buy to let – the right local knowledge is invaluable. Having the support of a locally based property management team that understands the local property market, letting market, areas and demographics will help to ensure you make the right decisions in terms of:

  • Choosing buy to let properties/areas
  • How much to invest in renovation and development works
  • Who to market the property to
  • Where to focus
  • How much to set the rent at

At CJ Property, the management and letting of property in and around Hull and East Yorkshire is what we know best. Our property teams have been doing it for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on our local knowledge and expertise.

Successful property investment in Hull – with landlord support from CJ Property

CJ Property are East Yorkshire’s property management experts – we’ve been helping landlords and property investors to maximise returns, develop successful portfolios and grow their wealth since the mid-1990s.

Whether you’re an existing investor, or new to the world of buy to let property, we are here to help – from finding the right, desirable properties in the right areas, to looking after your portfolio and managing it on your behalf.

Start your investment journey today with a free, no obligation consultation with CJ Property – the Hull buy to let investment specialists. Call 01482 645270 today for further information.


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