Stay Warm and Save Money – 12 Tenant Tips for Christmas

christmas energy saving tips

Christmas is here once again! It’s the time for enjoying life, celebrating and spending time with your loved ones – but with all the presents, parties, travel and treats, it can be an expensive time of year!

Unfortunately, winter is also the time when we use the most energy. Long nights and dropping temperatures mean switching on the lights earlier and turning up the heating, which can drive energy bills up.

Cut your bills and leave more money in your pocket to enjoy Christmas 2017, with our top 12 winter energy saving tips.

1. Get on the best deal

Energy bills are for life, and not just for Christmas! If you haven’t already done so, switching to the best electricity and gas supplier/tariffs can save you hundreds of pounds each year.

Even if your tenancy agreement lists a ‘default’ energy provider, you’re still entitled to switch. Check the terms of your agreement, as you may have to switch back to the original provider at the end of your tenancy. Check out for additional information.

2. Monitor your usage

If you know how much energy you’re using at all times, it’s much easier to cut usage. A simple energy monitor (available from most suppliers) will provide a real-time update on the energy you’re using in pounds and pence.

It’s a real eye-opener, and a great tool in developing good habits – like turning off those Christmas lights and electronic equipment when not in use.

3. Get smart with temperature control

Turn your home heating down by a single degree, and you’ll save up to £85 each year.

You won’t even have to put on a Christmas jumper – turning off the radiators in rooms you don’t use, and installing smart or programmable thermostats will help to minimise waste and significantly cut your heating bills.

4. Go LED and switch it off

Swap traditional lightbulbs and energy saving lightbulbs for the latest LEDs – they’re 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs and can pay for themselves in a matter of months.

After that, it comes down to common sense. Turn off lights when not in use and ensure that you’ve got the right size bulbs fitted in every room to eliminate waste.

5. Check that boiler

Old, inefficient boilers cost more to run – and landlords should have it serviced every year to ensure that it’s safe and up to scratch. New legislation is coming into force in April 2018. From that time landlords must ensure that your property has an efficiency rating of at least E or higher.

Fitting a new boiler can help you to save hundreds of pounds each year – so if your boiler hasn’t been serviced in a while, or is an older model, get onto your landlord.

6. Bleed your radiators

Over time, air pockets form in your radiators, making your boiler work harder and preventing them from heating up properly. Thankfully, the solution is simple – use a radiator tool, screwdriver, spanner or pliers to bleed your radiator valve to maximise the efficiency of your system and save you money.

7. Eliminate draughts

Heat escapes from your home through gaps in windows, doors, floorboards and even up the chimney – dropping the temperature and making it more expensive to keep warm.

By draught-proofing windows, using draught excluders on keyholes and doors, filling gaps in floorboards and insulating loft hatches, you can save up to £50 every single year.

8. Insulation on the situation

Adding the right levels of loft insulation and cavity wall/solid wall insulation will make a massive difference, and save you more than £300 every year.

As a tenant, you probably won’t want to do this yourself – so get onto your landlord. In many cases, there could be grants available, so it won’t cost them anything. Adding insulation will also help to add value to the property over the long term, making it more attractive to potential investors.

9. Stop stand-by

Sacrificing a few seconds, and taking the time to turn electrical appliances off properly, rather than leaving them on standby will save you a few pounds. Invest in a monitor (see point 2) and you’ll be able to see the difference it makes.

10. Cook smarter

A few simple tips in the kitchen can make a small but significant impact on your energy bills. Cooking with the pan lids on to reduce cooking times, cleaning the oven door (so you don’t have to keep opening it to check when food is cooked!) and only boiling the amount of water you need will all help to cut bills.

11. Put bills on ice

Treat your fridge and freezer with care, and you’ll save pounds every year. Regularly defrosting your freezer to maximise efficiency and ensuring that your fridge is set at the correct temperature (4°C) can save you up to £40 each year.

12. Clean up with your washer and dryer

Washing machines can be expensive to run, but most of the energy comes from heating the water. Washing everything you can on 30°C, cutting the spin cycle and using eco mode where available will significantly reduce costs. Where possible, dry on the line or in the home – keeping costly tumble drying to a minimum.

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