Looking After Landlords – The Importance of a Good Inventory

rental property inventory

When was the last time you stepped inside your investment property?

Do you know what condition the fixtures, fittings and contents are in?

An inventory is one of the single best ways of protecting both tenants and landlords – but despite this, many landlords still don’t take detailed inventories on the condition, contents and cleanliness of their rental properties at the start of a tenancy.

In this post, we take a look at the benefits of a good inventory, and how it can minimise the risk of disagreements at the end of the tenancy, and increase the chances of a positive outcome in deposit disputes.

Deposit Disputes – The Benefits of a Good Inventory

A good inventory really shows its value when it comes to the end of tenancies. Without an up to date inventory in place, then there may be disagreement or confusion as to the condition a property needs to be left in. This can lead to disagreements, and in some cases, formal disputes when it comes to the deposit.
In many cases, the existence of a clear, detailed inventory that outlines the condition, contents and cleanliness of the property will be enough to dissuade a tenant from pursuing a deposit dispute.

In the event that your tenant decides to dispute the deposit decision – the adjudicator will take the inventory into account when making their decision. In fact, it’s the single most important piece of evidence they will use.

Having a clear, accurate and thorough inventory significantly increases the chances of a positive outcome for the landlord.

Inventories from CJ Property

At CJ Property, we take inventories at the start of every tenancy as part of our fully managed service.
We also offer it as a standalone additional service for our ‘Let Only’ Landlord clients. The inventory service includes thoroughly inspecting the property and creating a full list of contents, accompanies with high resolution photographs and thorough details about the condition of the property. These are then signed by the tenant as part of the process.

Our standalone inventory service starts at £100 + VAT, depending on the property and inventory requirements.

Successful property investment in Hull – bespoke landlord support from CJ Property

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Whether you’re an existing investor, or new to the world of buy to let property, we are here to help. Providing a flexible service to fit your requirements, we can help you at every step of the way – from finding the right, desirable properties in the right areas, to looking after your investment property portfolio and managing it on your behalf.

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