An Eye on Your Investment – The Importance of Tenancy Property Checks

property checks

Are your tenants looking after your rental property?

How do you know?

When was the last time you stepped inside and had a good look around?

Inspecting your property periodically is an essential part of the management process – helping to protect your investment, and ensure your tenants are taking good care of your property.

At CJ Property, we offer a full property inspection service – with prices starting at just £75 + VAT.

Here’s why it’s so important.

The Benefits of Tenancy Property Checks

Prevention is better than the cure

If your tenants aren’t looking after your property properly, you want to know as soon as possible. Checking the property helps to ensure that problems are identified and addressed early. Molehills are easier to tackle than mountains!

Maximising the value of your investment

Taking steps to look after your property and addressing minor maintenance issues will also help to maximise rental values and maintain the appeal of your rental home to prospective tenants. This can help to ensure your property rents quickly once the tenancy ends.

Building relationships with your tenants

A property inspection is a great way of getting to know your tenants, and starting to build up positive relationships with them. It shows you care about the property, and are taking active steps to ensure it’s always in good condition for the benefit of the people living there – something that good tenants will appreciate.

The inspection is also a great opportunity to find out more about your tenants’ future rental plans – and whether they’re planning on staying with you for the long term. This allows you to plan for the future to minimise void periods and maximise returns.

Property Checks from CJ Property

At CJ Property, we offer a complete inspection service – from advising tenants of our intention to undertake an inspection, to final reporting and addressing of any issues.

In terms of the inspection, we will thoroughly examine the property inside and out to ensure it is clean, and in a good state of repair. As part of the service, we’ll take stock against your inventory, and examine the outside areas and gardens to ensure they are being looked after.

We’ll then provide you with a full outline report, detailing any wear and tear and maintenance issues you might want to address now, and in the future.

If we find that your tenants have caused damage, or aren’t looking after the property in the way we would expect, we’ll notify you immediately to discuss a plan to solve problems and prevent future issues.

We recommend investing in property inspections every 6 months for new tenants – with annual checks for your trusted long term tenants. Our prices start from £75 + VAT.

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