Switch and Save – Cutting Energy Bills for Winter 2019

switch and save

Are you paying too much for your gas and electricity?

Winter is coming – and energy prices are rising fast!

This year alone, we’ve seen four of the big six energy companies put up prices twice – leading to millions of people paying more for their gas and electricity.

Taking steps to reduce the host of heating and lighting your home can save you hundreds of pounds a year – and cutting costs starts with ensuring you’re on the best deal. In this post, we examine the importance of regularly comparing and switching energy suppliers – and show you just how easy it can be with uSwitch.

Why Switch Now?

With shorter days and lower temperatures, winter is the time when energy bills are highest. If you’re on a standard tariff with any of the major energy suppliers – it’s almost certain you are overpaying for your energy.

Generally, when you sign up with a supplier, you sign up to a fixed price plan that protects against rising prices. However, these deals are for a fixed time period, and when they end, you’re automatically put onto a ‘standard tariff’ – usually their highest priced plan!

At the same time, we’re seeing many of the best energy deals ending, and with further price rises expected over the coming months, acting now will ensure you can take advantage of the biggest savings before they disappear.

The message is fairly simple – the earlier you switch, the better deal you’re likely to get, and the more money you will save!

Is Switching Worth It?

100% yes. Ensuring you’re always on the best possible energy deal is one of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to save money and cut the cost of lighting and heating your home.

If you are on a standard tariff, then switching gas and electricity to fixed price deals is virtually guaranteed to save you money. Depending on your usage, it could provide you with savings of hundreds of pounds each year.

For the average household, these savings could add up to £300 or more over the year – a significant sum! That figure isn’t unrealistic – as Gill from the CJ Property office found out…

Real life Savings – a Case Study

After receiving a letter from her supplier outlining big prises to her standing charges, Gill headed over to Uswitch to see if she could save.

Having switched energy suppliers before, Gill had set aside several hours for the process, but was surprised at just how easy the process was. She didn’t have to spend hours filling out forms or on the phone – it was all done in a few clicks.

All Gill had to do was enter her address, provide her energy usage for the last year and pick the best deal. The process took minutes, and the result is an expected saving of £284 over the next year – and significantly lower monthly direct debit payments.

Am I allowed to switch?

Yes – everyone is allowed to switch. If you are on a standard tariff, you can switch at any time without penalty.

You can also switch if you’re tied into a fixed term deal – although you may be charged exit fees. Don’t be put off – as often, the benefits will outweigh the costs, and you may be able to avoid the fees if you’re coming to the end of your contract, or switching to another deal with the same supplier.

Even if your tenancy agreement lists a ‘default’ energy provider, you’re still entitled to switch. Check the terms of your agreement, as you may have to switch back to the original provider at the end of your tenancy. Check out http://www.goenergyshopping.co.uk/switching-suppliers/tenants-rights for additional information.

Why Switch with uSwitch?

Comparing and switching energy plans is really simple – and at CJ Property, we’re making it even easier for our tenants. We can contact uSwitch on your behalf – all you need to do is send us an email: info@cjpropertyservices.co.uk confirming you’re happy for uSwitch to get in touch.

Once we get confirmation, uSwitch will get in touch directly with instructions on how to switch. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, and you could save £300 or more a year.

Using uSwitch is free, and the company is accredited by Ofgem – the government regulator for electricity and gas markets.
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