Essential Maintenance – Top Autumn Tips for Landlords

autumn property maintenance

Summer is over and autumn is here. The children are back at school, the weather is turning, and it won’t be long until the clocks go back.

Autumn is also an important time for landlords – it’s the perfect time of year to pay your properties a visit (giving tenants 24 hours’ notice first!).

As the wetter, colder weather arrives, it brings with it a host of potential property issues and risks that are best dealt with early. Left unchecked, they can cause some serious problems when winter sets in.

Here’s our list of the top jobs landlords need to look during autumn to protect their property and keep their tenants happy throughout the winter months.

Check the central heating

Although the summer has been warm, the temperatures are dropping – and your tenants will be thinking about putting the heating on soon.

Autumn is the perfect time to check the central heating system is working properly. Autumn is the most common time for boiler breakdowns, and we’re always inundated with requests for gas engineers. If you leave it and your boiler breaks down, it’s likely to be days before an engineer is available for a fix.

The best option is to be proactive and check everything now – ready for the winter ahead. You’ll also want to check the thermostat to ensure it’s calibrated properly.

Servicing your boiler

Boilers need servicing once a year, and if you haven’t done so already, now is the time.

Servicing your boiler every year won’t just make it last longer – it will also ensure it’s running safely and efficiently. Prevention is always better than the cure, and a service gives your gas engineer the opportunity to fix any minor niggles, before they develop into more serious and expensive problems.

As with the boiler check – it’s best to do this in Autumn, before the winter rush. Otherwise, you could have to wait several weeks for a service.

Bleeding the radiators

After a summer switched off, air bubbles are likely to have formed in your radiators, and they will need bleeding. Bleeding the radiators will ensure they heat up properly and work efficiently, reducing the strain on your boiler.

Whilst you could leave this to your tenants, it’s an easy job to do that takes minutes – and could save you lots of hassle, headaches and angry phone calls later on!

Check the roof!

Over summer and autumn, leaves, dirt and debris can build up on the roof and in the gutters. To avoid leaking rooves, blocked gutters and overgrown foliage from ruining your property, it’s best to take a look before the wet winter weather arrives.

As a rule of thumb, gutters need cleaning around once a year and foliage should be kept in check every couple of years. When checking the roof, look for any loose, cracked or damaged tiles that could lead to leaks – or get a professional handyman to do it!

Replace Mouldy Seals

It doesn’t matter what kind of sealant you use around your bath or shower – eventually, it will go mouldy! Replacing sealants and re-grouting the bathroom is a quick and easy job that will make a real difference to the appeal of your property.

Tenants will notice and appreciate the effort – looking after the little things gives them the confidence that you’re looking after the property as a whole.

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